Friday, February 25, 2011

29 January to 25 February 2011

Home again.

For the past nearly four months we have been living in upstate New York while my husband worked on and helped coordinate the restoration of three late 1800s buildings. It was an experience, indeed.

During the time since the last post, there have been a lot of successes and some failures. The marmalade never did set, so that was a failure. However, successes included managing to figure out how to make ice cream without the machine by virtue of David Lebovitz's blog:, how to make basamati rice in the pressure cooker (more time, more water), potatoes au gratin and Tim made more orange sorbet, cooked prime rib and venison.

It is good to be home--home with the bounty from the garden that waits in the freezer and the stocked pantry and the pig that we pick up next week.

Now for the rest of the month...

Orange Sorbet

Making Fromage Blanc

Mrs Beeton-Inspired Chicken Broth

Orange Bread

Basamati Rice and Pepper Slices

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