Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 January 2011

Finished the process of making the marmalade. It went pretty well, though it took some time. Not having access to the dish washer, I had to use the pressure cooker to sterilize the jars. It worked very well!

I filled ten pint jars, and could have filled another had I had more available... I look forward to eating the results! The recipe called for oranges, water and sugar--simplicity itself..



  1. This looks so yummy! Great job, Marjorie :)

  2. That looks delish! Can I have one? :)

  3. PS Any interest in rendering your own lard? I have atleast two big bags of pork fat I can give you.

  4. Thank you! The marmalade did not set properly, so I will have to have another go on Sunday, boiling it down a bit more. There was so much steam it was hard to keep track of the level of the liquid inside the pot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained (though it does taste mighty tasty.

    As to the pork fat, that sounds intriguing. I accept with thanks.


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