Monday, November 21, 2011

16 November 2011

Market day! It went well! Better than last Wednesday to be sure--though Saturdays are still better.

The music was lovely. Jeff, a member of the market of many years, played with a fiddler (the same one who had been there last Wednesday--she is very good).

The baguettes sold out in a matter of minutes, it seemed.

Lunch ended up being backed in the wrong vehicle, so we were without. Fortunately, it was a pot-luck day at the market. I managed to pack most of what we were planning to bring. What a good lunch! Hard to choose between lobster soup (can't remember the actual name of the dish), potato and leek soup, two kinds of chili, and more.

What a fun market! I am glad to be a member...

Once home, I packed nine jars with bread pudding and got the pressure canner going. Unfortunately, as the batch was cooling down, I managed to knock the gauge or something, releasing some of the pressure prematurely. It created a mini explosion (slight exaggeration) inside the canner. I fear for the seals.

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