Saturday, November 12, 2011

6 November 2011

I realized that I had not done part two of the wine sauerkraut--namely add the wine. The kraut already began to have that kraut-y smell, which made me look forward to when it'd be officially done.

Since the farmers market was approaching, I thought I'd try a new recipe as a possible bread to sell. I chose Olive Oil Bread, as it sounded simple, yet sophisticated. Next, the family turned their attention to apples and applesauce.

With Tim and the girls armed with peelers and I with a knife (Tim joined in later), we managed to get through two whole bags which weighed over thirty pounds. From that, I was able to make eight quarts of apple sauce. We only have four bags left to go of the over 100 pounds of apples we bought from Wallingford's Orchard.

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