Sunday, November 6, 2011

4 November 2011

Since passing the inspections for my food processor's license in April and one for mobile vending in October, I decided to finally take the plunge and start selling at farmers' markets. My application for my DBA, Bluestocking Breads, was approved at the Cumberland Farmers Market's winter location at Allen, Sterling and Lothrop in Falmouth, Maine.

After picking up milk from a local farm, I spent much of the day baking and making batches of popcorn. The final tally: 22 loaves of rosemary bread (one for home and one to serve as a sample loaf) and 12 bags of herbed popcorn (10 for sale and two for samples).

I got the bread baked, the popcorn popped and mixed, labels applied, and the car packed before 11 PM. I wondered if I would be able to get any sleep...

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